Quotes from participants

Community Artist, Sam Locke said:

As an environmental sculptor running the TRAIL, I see the ACT with the Arts Climate Festival as being a fantastic collaboration opportunity. Engaging with Teignbridge’s young people and the community as a whole to create meaningful art that embodies our environmental aspirations that empowers us to advocate for crucial discussions to be made for a more sustainable future. Through art, we can inspire change .

Artist, Nigel Moores said:

“The act of painting might be solitary but the aim is always about communication.

I am interested in a visual language that is open and not tied down by definitions and a creative process that reflects the collective consciousness. The observer is as much part of this process as the artist. We gain when we give.

There is only one main issue facing the collective consciousness

and that is of course the Climate crisis. We must face this together.”

Simon Temblett said:

Cutting carbon emissions to zero will not be enough to fix our world. We have used our power and technology as a monkey might use a machine gun. Nothing short of a change in human consciousness can alter the course upon which we are set.

It is the duty of science to expose the truth that makes the case for change, and the responsibility of history to reveal the errors of our past. It is the task of politics to negotiate the terms for transformation, but it is the work of art to change our minds.

Visual artist and educator, Tuong Nguyen said:

“ACT festival is a valuable opportunity for me to join other artists in sharing ideas and inspiration to tackle climate issues through arts for more people. Personally, I believe that the more we sense and are aware of nature’s value and its connection to us, the more responsibly and actively we will live and act for the environment. By participating in this exhibition, I hope that my work can effectively serve as a visual reminder of the kinship and interconnection between humans- non-humans, humans- nature, further fostering gratitude and more environmental actions in the future. All materials used for this work are reused, recycled and repurposed, highlighting my commitment to sustainable and responsible art practice”

Jim from Brixham Chimes said:

ACT is an important event: it links local action with global issues and brings together expertise, evidence-led practice, campaigners, artists and all those in our communities who want to make a positive difference to our world.

The discussion around climate & nature action has moved on: there’s no question about the urgency and risk to society if we don’t act fast. Instead we need to discuss the kind of world we want to make in the short time left to make it.

I am excited to be taking part in this festival. The challenge of over-fishing of our seas is acute, local and urgent. I want people who come to see the performance of Brixham Chimes on Friday June 28th to feel inspired as well as determined to reshape our coastal communities for the benefit of all.

I see everyone who takes part in or enjoys this festival as playing a vital participatory role in transforming ecosystems and society for the better – locally and globally.

Henry Hockings said:

Act with the arts is a great idea, empowering local people to share thoughts, fears and dreams on the subject of and around climate change.

The conversation of our current climate situation and future is driven by mainstream media, generating a lot of noise. The festival gives us the power to open up this discussion in a positive light and the ability to create more active change.

As a newish Green Party member and committed ‘life simplifyer’ I’m always eager to understand how my actions and inactions affect the world around me. Sharing ideas in the hope of helping others and hearing what more I can do to secure a greener healthier future.

Kimwei from Kimwei said:

We were so thrilled to be invited to a festival which holds inspiring environmental action at its very centre – a vision which is so close to our hearts as a band. We believe in the power of music to call to the soul and to make change feel possible. Thank you ACT festival for bringing this right to our doorsteps.

-Kimwei (he/him), Chris, Lisa, Anita

Amanda from Red Earth Theatre said:

We are delighted to bring Playback Theatre as a way to engage in a powerful dialogue on this urgent issue that all of us are facing. We are in this together. Let’s explore our fears and feelings about ourselves and the future of our planet.

Jane Berry from Exeter Dance Hub said:

I believe the Act With The Arts Festival is a wonderful platform in which to raise climate change issues and to build a collective of arts communities together.

I am very happy to participate in this festival as a dancer, to work with others and to have the opportunity to perform to the local community. 

Poet and percussionist, Steve Day said:

“I’m a committed poet and percussionist. A truthful poem entertains ideas and a well placed drum beat becomes a heartbeat.

I’m taking part in this festival because creativity is participative – a shared feast of ideas and heartbeats.

Act With The Arts is essentially about what kind of world we want to live in – creatively discovering what that is. I believe audiences, performers and artists can do this together – and make a difference. I’ll see you there!

Amanda Cole said:

The Arts are a powerful way of connecting with people and with each other. We’re more likely to remember things that have touched us emotionally, and this helps with taking action. Making change happen can be joyful!

Annie Mitchell said:

When climate scientists ask the question “why have we not yet bent the emissions curve despite well over 30 years of knowing we must?” , part of the answer is that we need new stories to imagine and create better ways of living. Creating a festival of the arts is a stroke of genius!

A festival of the arts is a brilliant way to share fun and creativity to help us make the changes we need for a kinder greener healthier world. .

Caring for our climate and environment makes us happier – and what better way to show it than a festival of the arts for everyone. It’s brilliant that here in Teignbridge we’ve had the imagination to do this together