Beatrice Corsetti

Beatrice Corsetti is a self-taught origami and 3D paper folding artist, sourcing materials sustainably from the Scrapstore charity in Exeter. 

Deeply passionate about environmental conservation and creative expression, she holds a degree in Cultural Heritage with a focus on contemporary art from the University of Pisa, Italy. 

Beatrice’s inclusive approach invites individuals from all walks of life to engage with her art, igniting a collective dialogue on the importance of environmental stewardship. Beyond mere techniques her art is a celebration of diversity and harmony, mirroring the intricate balance found in nature itself. Each creation serves as a poignant reminder of our interconnectedness with the natural world, beckoning us to rediscover our place within it. 

Her latest venture, “Save the Planet,” reflects her commitment to environmental advocacy. Through meticulous craftsmanship, her works unveil a narrative of endangered species, urging viewers to confront the pressing realities of our planet’s fragile ecosystems.


Date:22nd – 29th June
Location:Sherborne House