Dorron Britz

As a multi-disciplinary, exploratory artist, Dorron is driven by a strong belief that “work grows out of work”. 

Dorron is fascinated by the multiplicity and intricacies of relationships. He works with whatever medium or materials that may offer him the means to emote feelings triggered by everyday experiences.   

Starting with a simple word, object, random idea or observation, he goes through a process of researching his subject matter, inspecting, dissecting, reassembling and simplifying ideas, landing near or unexpectedly far from the original idea, striving a unique and thought provoking message with an appealing aesthetic wrapping.

There is a simple joy in exploring, discovering and recreating a positive reinterpretation of one’s worldly experiences. His work has served it’s purpose when it triggers a resonance. Good outcomes can grow out of bad situations – if one maintains a positive mind set.

Date:22nd – 29th June
Location:Sherborne House