Frances Gynn

Frances Gynn RWA

Public Erasure – Dormouse at Newton Abbot Market Square

Saturday 22 June 

10am – 11am and 12 – 1pm

Saturday 29th June 

10am – 11am and 12 – 1pm

Frances’ work is informed by nature, particularly environmental issues. As pollution increases, her work reflects a growing concern for the human effect on the environment.

Frances’ Public Erasures draw attention to the increase in  endangered species due to climate change, habitat loss and plastic pollution. The endangered species featured in her Public Erasure at Act with the Arts Climate Festival will be the Hazel Dormouse. Frances will invite the audience to ‘erase’ a painting of multiple dormice.

The current projection for biodiversity is grim. When we lose biodiversity it becomes extremely difficult to fight climate change, prevent pandemics, grow healthy and sustainable crops. Humans need wild nature in order to survive. The best solution for fighting climate change and ending the extinction crisis is nature protection.

Date:22nd – 29th June
Location:Maltings Taphouse