Jo Holt

Jo Holt is an installation artist and sculptor. 

A display of her art installation ‘Eye Of The Beholder’ is her contribution to the ACT exhibition. It is a light based piece that incorporates audience interaction. 

A few words about the artwork…

In the last decade over 200 biofluorescent species have been discovered, including the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle. Human beings are unable to see this biofluorescence with the naked eye, we can see this phenomenon only when using a yellow filter that removes the blue range of light in the ocean.  

Eye of the Beholder aims to question what we take for granted, considering perception, its effect on our lives and the way we live in the world. 

The piece speaks of the beauty of coral, the tragedy of coral bleaching and the absolutely mind blowing magnificence of biofluorescence.

To find out more about Jo Holt’s artworks click the link to visit her website…

Date:22nd – 29th June
Location:Sherborne House