Kim Kratchley

Kim Kratchley produces collaborative ceramic art. And asserts that co-operation and not competition, is the default state of humankind. The way we relate to each other is inseparable from the way we interact with our world. We cannot hope to coexist symbiotically with the natural world when we are in constant competition with each other for money and resources. If we cannot find a better way to live with ourselves and with our world, the age of man, the Anthropocene era, is likely to be a very short one.

The piece Kim Kratchley has created for ‘ACT with the Arts’. is entitled ‘A Message to the Future’. It assumes that our civilization will not survive the coming environmental upheavals and offers some advice to a future vestige of humanity in the form of a few simple symbols fired in clay, the oldest and most resilient technology of man.

Date:22nd – 29th June
Location:Sherborne House