Mabel Cheung Harris

I aim to raise environmental awareness through my art.  My ‘Rainforest drop’, painted for my A-Levels in the 90’s, highlights deforestation. The second painting, ‘From little acorns grow,’ won the WWF x Attenborough Films 2021 art competition to ‘Just Imagine’ a positive future for our environment.

I feel that now, more than ever, everyone can and should take steps to reduce their impact on climate change. We have all the facts but are we willing to make the changes needed? I eat less meat and dairy, choose public transport and staycation holidays where possible. These are not grand changes, but if everyone did a little too, think how much we can all achieve together!  I’m an ACT Wildlife Warden, for IpplePlanet, helping to make our Parish greener.  We organise events such as birdsong walks, treeplanting and are developing a community orchard for wildlife and wellbeing.

Date:22nd – 29th June
Location:Sherborne House