Nicole Wassall

Questioning what we take for granted Nicole Wassall is exhibiting ‘Pathway Spread – Spirit Animals’. 7 different etchings of animals facing climate extinction, laid out in a tarot ‘Pathway Spread’. Inspired by Native American medicine she looks to ‘spirit animals’ for guidance, whilst hinting – these animals will soon be ghosts. Current approaches to climate change aren’t working; the piece alludes to whether it’s time for alternative perspectives. 

Recent installations of environmental artworks include ‘ORA’ space (Sydney March 2024) and ‘Unicorns Are Real’ (solo exhibition, Fiumano Clase, London October 2023), reviewed in ‘Royal Academy of Arts Magazine’, ‘Artlyst’ and ‘Arts and Collections’. In 2022 she discussed the shape of art activism as a panellist at London Art Fair and sourced materials for a solo exhibition (RWFA, New York) whilst developing work in Devon.

7 etchings 26x38cm, which are printed onto the reverse of an earlier artwork ‘Impending Doom’ 100% rag paper  


Date:22nd – 29th June
Location:Sherborne House