Nigel Moores

Nigel Moores lives and works in Devon, where the natural environment is an inspiration. The Moor and the river Dart are ever present in his sense of a perspective. That the seemingly constant is ever changing or emerging. Nigel’s commitment to materials is also central to his practise. Each media offers a unique subtlety that suits the subject and the artist.  He is currently working in collaboration with the poet Gordon Ellis ; with a couple of small books ( ‘Common ground’ and ‘Emergence’ ) and exhibitions planned later this year. 

“I am interested in the “accidental” and the planned and how one leads to the other. There is perhaps a dialogue between somewhat different views of the world, between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. A dialogue between the rational and the subconscious. I am drawn to what I don’t know and paint to discover……and be surprised. “

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“The act of painting might be solitary but the aim is always about communication.

I am interested in a visual language that is open and not tied down by definitions and a creative process that reflects the collective consciousness. The observer is as much part of this process as the artist. We gain when we give.

There is only one main issue facing the collective consciousness

and that is of course the Climate crisis. We must face this together.”

Date:22nd – 29th June
Location:Sherborne House