Peppy Dadd

This installation is influenced by protest art used by the climate activist. Bold and hard-hitting, sometimes humorous, with junk props, cardboard and string. Peppy doesn’t call herself an artist in the usual sense but she will make banners or placards or images at the drop of a hat if it helps get a message across to engender a positive response.

Peppy chooses here to throw a light on the ugliness of excrement pollution in Teignbridge. The banality of toilets set side by side represents our daily human functions making us complicit in the human waste and health problems. Add to that profiteering water companies failing to invest and the climate elephant in the room causing weather extremes, the unfolding tragedy of the sewage crisis is upon us.

Ugly toilet humour it may be. But not as ugly as the real threat to water-borne life including people.

Date:22nd – 29th June
Location:Sherborne House