Sarah Lovett

Earth, the one and only secret garden of the Universe.
Our magical garden of delight.  This planet, alone in having life with consciousness, out of all the trillions of stars that have no life at all. Why then are we poisoning it ? Why then is our population booming out of control ? why are children working in mines or dying of malnutrition while Western people spend more on their pets than another person earns in a lifetime ?
I’m a multi disciplinary artist. Sometimes i work with stonecarving. Here is a traditional Green Man in Bath limestone, one side healthy and the other side of his face ruined by war, oil, greed.
  Our individual human spirits are becoming positively vital more than ever, in the face of AI ! 
Art is not a luxury item, or confined to talented individuals only,  it belongs to us all, and it is free.

Date:22nd – 29th June
Location:Sherborne House