Simon Temblett

 I have been possessed by a fascination for the natural world my whole life and have actively chosen to take my inspiration directly from the it rather than human artefact. Ultimately my medium has become the living things themselves. I am best known for my avant-garde approach to bonsai but have worked with weathered wood, fire and ceramic too. A portion of my income is derived from garden design where I specialize in planting. I view the diverse range of plants found in gardens as reservoirs of biological diversity which may well turn out to be far better suited to the future climate of Britain than many of its, currently, native species.

Art made with other beings exists in constant transformation, it is a collaboration, achieved through sensitivity and adjustment to the physical needs of your medium. One cannot simply own it, one must learn to care for it.

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Cutting carbon emissions to zero will not be enough to fix our world. We have used our power and technology as a monkey might use a machine gun. Nothing short of a change in human consciousness can alter the course upon which we are set.

It is the duty of science to expose the truth that makes the case for change, and the responsibility of history to reveal the errors of our past. It is the task of politics to negotiate the terms for transformation, but it is the work of art to change our minds.

Date:22nd – 29th June
Location:Sherborne House