Tuong Nguyen

Tuong Nguyen is a Vietnamese artist and educator, passionate about using visual arts to promote dialogues, post-humanising creativity, well-being, and sustainable development. Her artworks are mostly abstract, reflecting her imagination, experiences of personal life, social and environmental issues. Some of these were exhibited in several museums and galleries in Vietnam and Japan. Recently, she was known for her playful collage portrait series, reflecting the theme “We are what we eat” in several art events for communities in Exeter, UK.

Tuong believes that humans and nature are interconnected and disregarding or losing sense and gratitude for this interrelationship leads to harmful environmental behaviours. Inspired by this idea, she contributes a collage work to this ACT exhibition, serving as a visual reminder of the kinship and interdependence between humans- non-humans, humans- nature. The work utilises natural and recycled and repurposed manmade materials, highlighting her efforts for sustainable and responsible art practice.

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“ACT festival is a valuable opportunity for me to join other artists in sharing ideas and inspiration to tackle climate issues through arts for more people. Personally, I believe that the more we sense and are aware of nature’s value and its connection to us, the more responsibly and actively we will live and act for the environment. By participating in this exhibition, I hope that my work can effectively serve as a visual reminder of the kinship and interconnection between humans- non-humans, humans- nature, further fostering gratitude and more environmental actions in the future. All materials used for this work are reused, recycled and repurposed, highlighting my commitment to sustainable and responsible art practice”

Date:22nd – 29th June
Location:Sherborne House