Brixham Chimes

‘Brixham Chimes’ is a lament to the destructive power of the beam trawler and scallop dredger. It’s a novella in verse set around Brixham – South Devon’s historic fishing port and now a significant centre for industrial fishing.

‘Brixham Chimes’ is an immersive performance of a unique novella in verse with live music and projections. It is followed by a Q&A audience discussion on issues faced by coastal communities and marine ecosystems. 

Jim Funnell is an educator, oceans campaigner & poet who wants to see coastal communities flourish. Tim Harris is an avant-garde composer who creates live, cinematic soundscapes though improvisation and magical loops.

This unique story in verse spans life, death, fish, money & politics. ‘Brixham Chimes’ is a love letter to all our coastal communities under siege. It is magical, beautiful, thought provoking and, above all, changes the way you see our coastal communities and our world forever.

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ACT is an important event: it links local action with global issues and brings together expertise, evidence-led practice, campaigners, artists and all those in our communities who want to make a positive difference to our world.

The discussion around climate & nature action has moved on: there’s no question about the urgency and risk to society if we don’t act fast. Instead we need to discuss the kind of world we want to make in the short time left to make it.

I am excited to be taking part in this festival. The challenge of over-fishing of our seas is acute, local and urgent. I want people who come to see the performance of Brixham Chimes on Friday June 28th to feel inspired as well as determined to reshape our coastal communities for the benefit of all.

I see everyone who takes part in or enjoys this festival as playing a vital participatory role in transforming ecosystems and society for the better – locally and globally.

Date:28 Friday
Location:Maltings Taphouse