South West Dance Hub

The South West Dance Hub is a collective of professional dancers & makers, passionate about offering a connection to dance for the community through performance, collaboration & workshops. 

‘What The Sea Brings In’ explores the wonders from the sea depths through costume, choreography & sound. Visually intriguing & mesmerising, the performers take the audience on a journey, through dance, into a world of mysterious creatures.

Yet what is beautiful becomes chaotic & turbulent as the weather changes & the sea brings in plastic which begins to destroy the wonders of this natural world.

Come & be entertained, yet be ready to question our place in this world and how we can connect to the natural world around us to bring about positive change through our actions.

SWDH is supported by the Exeter Phoenix

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I believe the Act With The Arts Festival is a wonderful platform in which to raise climate change issues and to build a collective of arts communities together.

I am very happy to participate in this festival as a dancer, to work with others and to have the opportunity to perform to the local community. 

Date:29 Saturday
Location:In front of the Yacht Club Teignmouth