Indigenous Voices

Listening to Indigenous Voices was one of two fundamental experiences that moved me to commit myself to climate action. I will share some pieces of poetry and prose which have been freely given by indigenous people. Through this, I will try to communicate the wisdom and the relationship first nation people seem to have with the earth, which is very different from the values of ‘industrial growth’ society. I also invite you to bring along short pieces (not necessarily indigenous) which have been important to you in your connection with climate change. Or you may feel that a natural object symbolises your feelings, so feel free to bring it along. As a facilitated workshop, this event is participatory, but we will not intellectualise or debate. I hope we will share, experience and feel.

Mandy Cole

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The Arts are a powerful way of connecting with people and with each other. We’re more likely to remember things that have touched us emotionally, and this helps with taking action. Making change happen can be joyful!

Date:Tuesday 25th
Location:The Courtenay Centre