Joining the Dots: Sharing our Stories of Change

Please join us for this one hour creative conversation about the small acts of kindness that make a better world: fairer, healthier and much more climate friendly. We’ll start with four short stories from local people about how it feels to try to make good change happen. Then we will open up for everyone to join in, so we can be inspired by the patterns and energy we share in caring for people, places and planet. Arrive at 7.00 for light refreshments and then a prompt 7.30 pm start until 8.30, and carry on talking afterwards if you’d like to. .

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When climate scientists ask the question “why have we not yet bent the emissions curve despite well over 30 years of knowing we must?” , part of the answer is that we need new stories to imagine and create better ways of living. Creating a festival of the arts is a stroke of genius!

A festival of the arts is a brilliant way to share fun and creativity to help us make the changes we need for a kinder greener healthier world. .

Caring for our climate and environment makes us happier – and what better way to show it than a festival of the arts for everyone. It’s brilliant that here in Teignbridge we’ve had the imagination to do this together

Date:Friday 28th
Location:The Courtenay Centre