Tree of Hope workshop – June

“Tree of Hope” A Collaborative Art Project by TRAIL and ACT Join us for a special one-day workshop brought to you by the TRAIL and ACT collaboration! We are thrilled to unveil our thought-provoking art piece, a recycled tree sculpture, set to be showcased at the upcoming ACT Climate Festival in Newton Abbot on June 22nd. This one-day FREE workshop, led by artist and TRAIL co-ordinator, Sam Lock will be taking place at Newton’s Place on June 8th 10:30 am- 12:30 pm. This workshop invites you to decorate repurposed wood and share your aspirations for a greener future by writing them on fabric ribbons to adorn the tree and the opportunity to create a small tree of hope which will then be added to the ‘Forest of Hope’ Let’s come together to make pledges toward environmental conservation and create a symbolic representation of our collective commitment to positive change. This FREE workshop is open to all who are passionate about making a difference!

For further information see TRAILART

Date:Saturday 8th June
Location:Newton Place